How to use a rose quartz jade roller

Small face is the pursuit of many beautiful women,

All kinds of methods are emerging for the beauties to thin their faces!

What is the effect of the rose quartz jade roller that supermodels are all using?

Super star are using rose quartz jade roller

The trace elements in jade help the skin to maintain vitality, so as to achieve the effect of wrinkles, anti-aging, face-lifting beauty and firming.This kind of roller can dredge the facial muscles and lymph nodes after the massage, keep the skin firm and plump, and play the role of face-lifting and anti-aging. In addition to massage, you can also use rollers to accelerate absorption during skin care. You can bring essence capsules when you go out and use roller massage to introduce the essence.

Marianna Hewitt using jade roller

Marianna Hewitt is a well-known beauty blogger in the United States. She has 700,000 followers on Instagram. After seeing an article about the rose quartz jade roller on the Internet, I also bought one and shared the experience on Instagram and YouTube. This has also prompted the hot launch of the jade roller in Europe and America…Many female stars have also started their own jade roller journey

The main function of the rose quartz jade roller is to promote facial blood circulation, massage the lymphatic system, help cell metabolism, reduce swelling and improve skin sagging.When the skin rubs, it promotes the lymphatic circulation of the skin, thereby helping the skin to achieve a face-lifting effect.

Morning skin care usage: Focus on cheekbones and jaw area to reduce swelling and promote blood circulation.Evening skin care usage: accelerate the absorption of more moisturizing skin care products, and at the same time play a massage lifting effect.