Derma pen is well known as a very helpful skin rejuvenation microneedling device. Usually, the skincare products can hardly be fully absorbed when using bare hands to conduct daily skincare routine. However, the dermapen treatment can create numerous micro channels on the skin for the products to be better absorbed. Moreover, it creates micro injuries on the skin to stimulate the self-healing of skin cells, during which process the new collagen will form so as to rejuvenate the skin. The dermapen helps with multiple facial problems, such as acne, skin dehydration, wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin texture, acne scars, enlarged pores, stretch marks, loose and sagging skin. Recently there are several popular representative derma pens, including derma pen Dr.pen series, Dr.pen ultima, derma pen MYM, derma pen uhooma.

Main features about derma pen.

  • The derma pen combines micro needling with high frequency vibration. The vibration speed of the needle is adjustable according to the thickness of the skin and the treatment region, making the treatment safer and more efficient. For beginners, starting from the lowest level is suggested.
  • The needle length is adjustable from 0.25-3.0mm. It can be adjusted to fit different treatment areas with thicker or thinner skin.

  • There are various specifications of needle cartridges for different treatment regions and purposes, 1pin/ 5pins/ 7pins/ 12pins/ 24pins/ 36pins/ 42pins and different types of nano needle cartridges.

  • To make sure the treatment is safe and sterile, the needle cartridges are all disposable and aseptically¬†packed.

  • In order to satisfy different people‚Äôs needs, there are both plug-in and wireless model to choose.

  • There are modified types of derma pen with LED technology or LED display.

  • Functions of the derma pen: stimulate collagen regrowth, treat acne or pimples, smooth facial wrinkles and fine lines, reduce stretch marks, minimize large pores, improve skin texture and elasticity, firm and lift up sagging or loose skin.