Derma stamp is one of the tools for micro needling. The micro needling technology came out in 1994, aimed to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. Micro needling is by using a large number of tiny micro needles to penetrate into the skin, which causes micro channels on the skin for the serum or essential oil to be better absorbed by the skin. Generally, the hyaluronic aid and vitamin are hard for the skin to absorb in. But the micro channels created by derma stamping can greatly enhance the absorption efficacy so that the skin will be more hydrated and high-efficiency absorption of hyaluronic or vitamin will improve the inner condition of the skin cells. Meanwhile, the penetration of the nano needling of the derma stamp will stimulate the self-healing process of the skin. During that process, the collagen will regenerate so that the skin will be lifted and tightened.

Compared with the derma roller, the derma stamp pen moves directly up and down during treatment, which causes vertically tiny micro needling wound while the derma roller moves in a rolling way causing upside-down triangle wound onto the skin. So the damage caused by microneedling stamp is way less than that caused by derma roller. The healing process after derma stamp treatment will be faster. Moreover, the needle length of derma stamp is adjustable, from 0.2mm to 3.0mm. Usually, needle length from 0.2-0.5mm is suitable for home use, from 0.5-1.0mm is for clinical use and 1.0-3.0mm is for physician use. The dermaq stamp all comes with an adjustment ring of needle length to make sure that the user can adjust it to a safe scale without hurting themselves. Also, different areas of skin has different thickness. A proper needle length for a specific skin area will avoid hurting other inner tissues during micro needling treatment.

The most common used material of the needles on the derma stamp is stainless steel or titanium. These two materials are sturdy and safe for micro needling treatment. We have both electric and auto derma stamp pen. And there are many choices of the appearance of the derma stamp. We provide OEM&ODM services so the clients may have opportunity to design the products with their own idea.