Our hydra series includes hydra pen, hydra derma roller and hydra needles. They are also tools for hydra micro needling, and the most representative hydra pen would be hydra pen H2. Like many other micro needling tools, hydra series devices can create numerous micro needling injuries onto the skin, which brings more channels on the skin so that the skincare products can be absorbed more efficiently. In the meanwhile, the micro injuries will stimulate the self-healing process of the skin, during which process the collagen will regrow so that the skin will be refreshed and rejuvenated. Hydra series devices have all the functions of micro needling, which are smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, treating acne and pimples, balance skin tone, reducing pigmentation, minimizing large pores, tightening and lifting the skin and enhancing skin absorption efficacy.

The hydra series devices are modified versions on the basis of derma series devices. Compared with derma series, hydra series devices come with a liquid container. When using the derma pen, derma roller or derma stamp, we usually need to apply some skincare products manually on the face and may repeat that during treatment. But with hydra series devices, the skincare products can be loaded inside the device and the liquid will keeping coming out at a constant speed onto the skin automatically during treatment, which is more convenient and time-saving. Usually, the needle cartridges of hydra series devices are connected with the serum container. That technical design enables the user to concentrate on the movement of the micro needling device without distraction of adding more serums or moisturizer onto the skin. Moreover, almost all of the hydra series devices are wireless so it is very convenient to use.

In all, the hydra series devices are of the same functions of derma series devices like dr.pen, derma pen, derma roller or derma stamp. But the most tremendous advantage of hydra series devices is that there is liquid container with the needle cartridges so the user do not have to apply serums or other products additionally with their hands, which creates much convenience for the users.