Ice roller is a kind of cost-effective skin beauty device but with huge benefits to the skin. The ice rolling with a low temperature can cool down the skin and help to shrink large pores. The rolling part of the ice roller is usually made of stainless steel or combination of water and gel and these two kinds of materials can be cooled very fast and the low temperature can stay for a long time to make sure the roller is keeping cool during using. The facial ice roller can be taken off from the handle. Before using, put the rolling head into the refrigerator to cool it down. After that, the low temperature of the roller will help to soothe the skin, relieve skin dryness and puffiness.

When to use a ice roller

  • Most people always suffer from facial puffiness in the morning. The ice roller is a convenient to use in the morning to make the skin cells contract to relieve the puffiness and tighten the skin. When using the ice roller on the neck area, it helps to lift the skin and lymphatic drainage.

  • The cooling function of the ice roller can be used to minimize the appearance of the pores. It can be used before doing makeup so as to make the makeup more fit to the skin.

  • After daily facial skin cleansing, we usually apply some cream or essential oil to conduct daily skincare routine. The ice roller can help to massage the skin so that the skin will absorb more nutrients from the products. Also, the cold temperature helps to shrink the pores to keep the nutrients stay inside the skin cells.

  • After shaving, sun exposure or other situation where the skin is irritated causing redness or discomfort, the ice roller will help to calm and soothe the skin and avoid further negative reaction of the skin.

Ice roller helps a lot to relieve our skin as a daily small skincare tool. It is of great help and save us a lot of time during daily skincare routine and it is totally affordable compared with average skincare tools, which makes it a perfect choice for all of us.