Women all hope that their skin will always be smooth and tender, with a body Snow-white skin must be the most eye-catching, plump and moisturizing needle.Drugs are the gospel of many women who love beauty. People’s aesthetics have always been nice.Nice skin is the most beautiful, so is the effect of hydra needle good?


The main function of hydra needle is of course to replenish water, but in addition to replenishing water, according to the camp the combination of nourishing liquid can also achieve blemishes, acne marks, fine lines and eliminate.The effect of dark circles can be said to be a three-in-one combination of moisturizing, whitening and wrinkle removal.great effect. When the water light injection is just finished, be sure to apply a mask, And the mask contains many nutrients can be absorbed. It is best to wash with water 3 days before the water light injection is finished face, the skin started to brighten after three days, and the best results came out on the fifth day.You can use normal makeup. Shuiguang is a long-term maintenance, You can stick to

it.You can’t wash your face immediately after the Hydra needle. It will easily irritate the skin and causeInfection, thereby affecting the beauty effect. Within 6 hours after the injection of the water light needle,It is intended to keep the treated area dry, avoid water, make up, and use skin care products.Because of the chance of infection after mild surgery, you can wash your face only the next day after the injection.Be careful not to rub the injection site forcefully

After the hydra needle therapy, there will be slight sores and tiny channels on the skin surface.The skin will activate in real time and repair in time.