Essentially, jade rollers are a rolling massage type of skin beauty tool that is made of solid jade. Jade is a stone that has a lot of healing properties. It helps to protect against negative energy and helps to treat combat fatigue and anxiety. It is an overall harmonizing and balancing stone. Jade rolling has many benefits, including lymphatic drainage increased circulation in the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, it’s an excellent way to reduce muscle tension in the face. Jade rolling has been a stable and Chinese beauty tool since the seventh century. Physically, it helps firm the skin through gentle massage. Metaphysically, jade brings peace and harmony and is known to reduce stress.

5 benefits of using a jade roller

  • It relieves muscle tension.

    Usually, most people hold muscle tension in their face and those tension comes from constantly on their phone and staring at the computer screen all day. the muscle tension actually causes fine lines and wrinkles over time. By using the jade roller, it massages those muscles. When people wake up in the morning, the muscles on their face are a little bit more stagnant from sleeping the night before. Jade rolling is a great way to wake up the skin, get those muscles moving and give the use a refreshed look.

  • It detoxes drains the lymphatic system.

    The lymphatic system is basically like the garbage-truck of the skin which holds all the wastes, toxins and bacteria. By massaging the face everyday with the jade roller, it will stimulate the lymphatic system and release all the toxins out of the skin.

  • It improves blood flow and circulation.

    A great circulation is the key to have a glowing and more youthful skin. Jade rolling is basically like giving a facial exercise to get the blood flowing and get the muscles relaxed.

  • It reduces puffiness and inflammation.
    Many people may get a swelling puffy face getting up in the morning. Jade roller is cool to the touch and it has the cooling sensation to it. Keeping it in the fridge will strengthen the sense of cooling. And that cooling will help to wake up the skin in the very morning to reduce the facial puffiness and inflammation.

  • It allows the skincare products to work better.
    Put the skin moisturizer, serum or facial oil on the face before using the jade roller. The rolling will help the skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin rather than just staying on the top of it.