Project Description

FDA approved 40 pins titanium needles derma stamp DRS derma roller stamp for anti aging scar wrinkle removal

Why chosse DRS derma stamp?

The Dr.pen microneedling treatment triggers collagen production through microneedling technique. It can be used to improve scarring (acne scarring & keloid scars…), hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. It can also be used to retexturize the skin. The Dr.pen microneedling can also help with skin tightening and can be used on fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks…

40 pins titanium needles derma stamp DRS display
Product Name
Anti Aging Wrinkles 0.5mm Micro Needles Derma Stamp Pen 40 Titanium Tips
Roller Colour
Needle Material
Medical titanium
Needle Number
40 Needles
plastic bag + plastic box + paper box + strong carton outside
OEM Service
1000 pcs for private labeling

DRS derma pen detail display

40 pins titanium needles derma stamp DRS detail display40 pins titanium needles derma stamp DRS needles

DRS derma stamp functions

1.Reduction or removal of mild acne scars, mild chicken pox scars, mild surgical scars and mild ice pick scars.

2.Reduction or removal of Stretch Marks and Cellulite.

3.Anti ageing treatments with improvements to mild wrinkles, mild sun- damaged skin, tightens and lifts facial skin tissues and increases collagen and elasticity for skin rejuvenation. Increased penetration of skin care products in to the skin for added improvements. Improves uneven skin coloration hyper-pigmentation treatment and uneven skin texture

4.Hair loss treatment with improvement to hair restoration as the stamp increases blood circulation to the follicles.

When using different kinds of needle?

  • 1) For the improvement of the skin color:0.2,0.5(used for improvement of the whole skin color,for the solution of partial pigmentation problem,etc)

  • 2) For the skin regeneration:1.0 1.5(used for solutions of thin epidermis,thin wrinkle,decline of elasticity,etc)

  • 3) For the antii-ageing&rejuvenation of ruined skin:1.5 2.0(used for solutions of thick wrinkle,large pore,injury scar,pimple scar,severe decline of elasticity,etc)

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