Project Description

Wireless and rechargeable 9 levels speed control auto digital spot/mole remover laser plasma pen with LED display

How does laser plasma pen work?

The principle of plasma pen is like that of CO2 laser cosmetic machine. It uses the new generation of energy conversion material. It removes the dark spot or melanin pigmentation by the carbonation effect produced by high-frequency plasma energy so that the dark spot or scars will be permanently removed.

Laser plasma pen 02(feature)
Product Name Spot Remover Laser Plasma Pen
Type SC424
Speed 9 levels
Voltage 110-240V
Battery Polymer lithium battery 2000mah
Input current 5V/1A
Output power MAX 5W
Material ABS + Stainless steel
Functions Mole removal, spot removal, tattoo removal
Package Weight 96g
Package Size 50*35*46cm
Warranty 12 months


  • Nine levels adjustable—— controllable energy output

  • Wireless and rechargeable

  • No bleeding, no risk of infection

  • LED design—— light up the operation area while operating

Method of application

Alcohol swabbing needle disinfecting alcohol cleaning the skin position to be operated Determine the file position remove spots with small spots use small spots, and large spots with large areas use large spots(do not puncture the skin)

Operation description

Turn it off

The ON/OFF is switched on for 2 seconds. At this time, the current power is referenced according to the number of display cells, and then the ON/OFF key is turned off for 2 seconds. Under the boot state, there is no operation and the automatic shutdown is 10 minutes.

I Lighting lights

Double click on the ON / OFF key to turn on the headlight, then double click on the ON / OFF key to turn off the light.


Long press(ON / OFF) work key boot screen lights up, the number 1 shows the current 1st standby state, press the ON / OFF key from 1st to 9th in succession to switch, must hold down the button OUT before discharge, release the button standby.


The working weight can not be charged, under the shut down state, the charge is displayed by three cells, the current number of cells flashing display, full stop, do not overcharge or use up before charging. otherwise affecting the battery life.