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Wireless digital 6 levels speed control auto microneedling derma pen dr pen ultima M8 with 16 pins needles cartdges

How does dr pen ULTIMA M8 work?

This electric derma pen has a led display and comes with 2pcs of 16-pin needle cartridges. It combines microneedling with electric vibration to enhance the efficiency of nutrients absorption, stimulate collagen regeneration, thereby firming the skin, smoothing wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

Product Name Derma Stamp Electric Pen
Type SC023
Output Power 110-220V
Adapter 4.2v, 500mA
Needle cartridge(optional) 12pins
Needle length 0.25-2.0mm
Needle speed 1000~6000 RPM
Packing Weight 1.5kg
Packing size 25* 22* 10cm
Warranty 12 months

9 specifications of needle cartridge

optional cartdges for dr pen ULTIMA M8 new

How to use dr pen ULTIMA M8?

  • Disinfect the microneedle roller head in 75% alcohol for 20 minutes, and wait until dry (75% of all major pharmacies are sold).

  • Wash your face with facial cleanser in the usual way and rinse off.

  • Dripping the effect type liquid or lyophilized powder (dissolving the lyophilized powder and the mother cell solvent first), while using the derma roller to roll on the face for 3-5 minutes, if you’re the first time to use the derma roller, should not roll too hard, and we will adjust ourselves if we are naturally skilled.

  • After rolling the needle, apply a hydrating mask, no need to rinse the hydrating mask, no need to use other skin care products.

  • Skin care can be done the next morning with daily care.


1.6 speed levels available—— adjustable intensity to fit different individual’s tolerance.

2.LED display—— convenient to check the speed levels.

3.2 models available—— plug-in type and rechargeable type.

4.Low decibel—— the modified engine brings less noise.


1.Acne treatment

2.Wrinkle removal

3.Skin firming

4.Skin moisturizing

5.Scar elimination

Cleansing method of derma roller: Take the brush against the tap water, while brushing, rinse the micro-needle, then put it into the disposable cup and then use alcohol for 15 minutes, then use the boiling water to clean the alcohol first.

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