Project Description

DRS derma roller with 192 pins 0.2-3.0mm titanium micro needles for scar wrinkle removal and hair loss treatment

What’s DRS derma roller?

DRS derma Roller is a hand-held,at-home device that is intended to help treat skin issues including wrinkles and scars . The device is rolled over your skin to creat tiny punctures , which stimulate your body to produce collagen and elastin. This is a less invasive treatment compared to lasers, but you will still have a few days of redness and swelling.

DRS derma roller with 192 titanium micro needles with gift box
Needles DRS192
Needle Material Titanium
Handle Color Transparent
Roller Color Blue
Size 0.2mm-3mm
Function Acne scar removal, Hair loss treatment, Cellulite reduction,etc
Package High sealing sterilization packaging

Drs derma roller detail display

DRS derma roller with 192 titanium micro needles detail display

What does DRS derma roller can do?

  • Scar removal-including acne scar removal/treatment

  • Stretch mark removal/treatment

  • Anti- aging.anti wrinkle

  • Cellulite reduction or removal

  • Hair loss treatment

  • Hyper pigmentation treatment

Why choose DRS derma roller?

DRS derma rollers have become increasingly popular over the last decade, and many woman and men use them for all sorts of skin-related problems: acne, scars, cellulite, stretch marks, anti-agging, wrinkles, and even hyper-pigmentation.

How to use DRS derma roller?

  • Step 1: Use medical alcohol to disinfect treatment area and the microneedles.

  • Step 2: Apply suitable nutrition on skin.

  • Step 3: Roll back and forth 4-5 times and keep a constant pressure and speed to creat more micro vessels.

  • Step 4: Move roller four times at least in four directions, vertical and diagonal on treatment area.

  • Step 5: Apply nutrition or mask products on skin that is being treated and be mindful of any skin inflammation.

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