Project Description

Home use handheld pink and blue skin cooling ice face roller facial massager for wrinkle removal and anti aging

What’s ice face roller

Ice face roller are very popular in Asia and parts of Europe, but are only just taking off stateside. They’re simple gadgets — handheld devices filled with water and gel. All you do is roll one across your face for a refreshing massage that instantly (no, really) reduces puffiness, calms redness, and firms the skin. They are amazing for prepping clients before red carpets, photo shoots, or even when I’m doing makeup backstage at New York Fashion Week. Men can even use them after a close shave to eliminate burn,redness reduction,skin tighening

Handheld skin cooling ice face roller facial massager
Product Name
ice face roller
customized color
PC transparent roller +ABS handle +ice beads
Sore muscle, arthritis, sprains, swelling and more

Ice face roller benefits

For starters, ice face roller helps reduce any puffiness. It’s totally normal for us to wake up with a puffy face in the morning, and using an ice roller can target this before starting your day. Ice rollers can also help shrink the size of your pores, making your skin appear more even and reduces the possibility of clogging your pores. Ice rolling also helps with lymphatic drainage, reducing redness from breakouts, and is a helpful aid in your anti-aging routine.

How to use ice face roller?

  • Place the ice roller in the freezer 15 minutes in advance.

  • Wash your face and finsh basic moisturizer.

  • Roll the ice roller along the outline of the face for 1-2 minutes.

  • Wash and dry after use for storage,or put in refrigerator.