Project Description

micro needle cartridges for dr pen A6A1
Product Name
Micro needle cartridges for dr pen A6/A1
Needle number
9/12/36/42Pins/nano needles cartridges
Moisturizing Hydra, Firming, Nourishing
Needle length

0.2-2.5mm 9/12/36/nano needle cartridges for dr pen A6/A1 with stainless steel and titanium needles and spring silicone cartridges

  • Dr pen A6/A1 usually come with 2pcs of 16 pins needle cartridges.But in order to the better therapy effects for diffirent face parts.We needs use the various lengths and needle quantity of needles cartridges.
  • Another way.Sometimes,Our frinends want to have try for derma pen.You should use a new needles cartridges for replacement
  • The microneedle has a service life, which is about 15-20 times. According to the frequency of once a week, it should not exceed 5 months at most. It has to be replaced in 5 months.So microneedles are not permanent products!

Needles cartridges for dr pen A6/A1

micro needle cartridges for dr pen A6A1

needles cartridges for dr pen A6/A1 features

  • Rotary suck  hole removal-Three diamensional shape tighten not easy to loose very easy to install and  use.

  • Spring silicone-Silicone material is full of elesticity high speed and stable operate very easy to install and use

  • Stainless steel and needles-Diameter is 0.25,quickly to operate  and better effect (Nano material is monocrystalline silicone.

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