Project Description

Electric digital 11 level speed control high frequency auto v9 mutifunctional permanent makeup tattoo pen for eyebrows lips body tattoo

How to use V9 tattoo pen?

1.Install accessories: pen, needle, pedal.

2.Connect power.

3.Power on: click power switch.

4.Choose mode: click function key.

5.Adjust level.

6.Operate: press start button or use pedal.

tattoo pen( feature)
Product name V9 multifunctional permanent makeup tattoo pen
Type SC591
Adapter 100-240V
Standard equipped needle 3pcs L1 + 3pcs R3-M
Speed 11 levels
Speed range 7000-13000RPM
Needle length 0-0.25mm
Weight 4.2kg
Size 29*27.3*10.5cm
Warranty 12 months

Tattoo pen needle

tattoo pen needle


  • 15 kinds needles available.

  • Needles depth can be adjusted.

  • 11 speed levels.

  • High speed: RPM 7000-13000.

  • With a humanized pedal can control the operation.

  • One machine with multiple function.

  • Automated intelligent pen.

Main function

  • Lip tattooing.

  • Eyebrow tattooing.

  • Eyeliner tattooing.

  • Beautify breast areola.

  • Skin tightening and lifting.

  • Reduce acne and scar.

  • Remove wrinkles.